Wild Soul, Wild Voice

Workshop to reconnect with yourself and your soulful voice from 12th to 14th of August 2022

Your voice is the instrument for your wild soul to express itself, communicate with other souls and nature. But somehow during the course of life, we lose touch with our essence. Our unhelpful inner beliefs block its way to being heard.


Let’s reconnect with our essence and our wild voice in the wild.


Immerse yourself in the serene nature and be inspired by the way nature expresses itself. Bathed in the beautiful vibrations of the wilderness, we gently come back to our bodies, open up our senses and dive deep into the inner world with a solo walk. Then, we remember, liberate and celebrate  our soulful voice.


Content includes:

  • Deep listening practice
  • Vocal exploration activities such as toning and intuitive singing
  • Ritual solo walk in the nature
  • Sound journey with instruments
  • Vocal connection with oneself, group and the nature
  • Council as non-violent and appreciative form of communication
  • Chanting by the fire
  • Create your own life song

This workshop will be held in English only.



begin on 12 August with arrival from 16:00 

end on 14 August with departure from 14:00


Registration fee:

240 EUR + 60 EUR for vegetarian/vegan organic full board and lodging



Wildnisschule Heidefeuer, Meltitz 4, 04880 Trossin



We offer sleeping space for your own tent, in a tiny house for 1 person, in a caravan for up to 2 people or in our tipi around the campfire. If you don't want that, you can (at your own expense) stay in a holiday apartment or hotel in the neighboring village. We are happy to help with mediation.




Xi-Yin Zibulla-Chang

certified sound healing practitioner, singer, vocal explorer.

I am from Taiwan and now living in Leipzig.

Dörthe Winter
as nature coach and co-founder of the wildernis school Wildnisschule Heidefeuer 
my aim is to foster practices that awaken connection with self, others and the natural world